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ShipperNet.com is a website maintained exclusively for the National Network of Transport Carriers.  The affiliated International and National Shipper Directories and the National Transport Carrier Directory websites serve as a total transporation management system for the tendering of loads and shipments and the paperless exchange of freight documents directly with transport carriers listed on the National Transport Carrier Directory website.

ShipperNet.com serves as the website for the viewing of network loads and shipments and available network equipment capacities directly from the Dispatch modules of TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting software developed and maintained by Computerized Management Systems, Inc. The website is for the exclusive use of transport carriers and their affiliated logistical companies listed at the National Shipper's Directory. 

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TruckWin.net is the host website of TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting software.  Computerized Management Systems, Inc. is a software development company specializing in transportation software solutions. It also is a transporation  management consulting firm with over 20 years in providing  transportation management seminars for CMS users. CMS proprietary "Nickel a Mile" profit program has provided transport carriers with all the necessary management and accounting information to reach 20% or more on invested capital.  Using a unique system of accounts specifically designed for a transport carrier and built right into TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting software, CMS has helped hundreds of transport carriers in reaching improved operating performance. When fully using the CMS management and TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting system CMS can guarantee a 5ยข per mile pre-tax profit and a 20% or more return on invested capital.