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National Transport Carrier Directory

The national transport carrier directory is a state by state listing of transport carrier. Only asset based carriers with at least one tractor and trailer is allowed on the Transport Carrier Directory.  Any transport carrier must be Pre-qualified before listing.  Pre-qualification consists of having a direct link to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's database.  In addition the Transport Carrier must have for public viewing at the company's listing a scanned copy of operating authorities and a current scanned ACORD form as evidence of adequate insurance coverage. 

Each transport carrier can keep for public, private viewing or parameter searching any current available equipment capacity.  If for example a trailer has 20 feet and 10,000 pounds of capacity for hire that capacity can be posted at his directory site 24/7 for public or private viewing and searching by the sites search engines.

Each transport carrier manages transportation documents from their directory listing.  From the directory documents can be prepared, created, uploaded, downloaded, exchanged, signed and e-mailed for any transportation forms, contracts or other transportation documents.

Transport carriers receive load and shipment tenders publicly or privately from shippers listed on the national shipper directory where tender documents are created, prepared and uploaded for public viewing or alternatively for private viewing by their preferred network of selected  transport carriers. 

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National Shipper Directory

A shipper's directory site serves as an efficient, paperless load and shipment tendering system for tendering freight directly to transport carriers without the use of multiple load boards, staff phone calls, faxes and e-mails.  

Shippers can use their own private network of preferred transport carriers or select from the Pre-qualified transport carriers listed on the National Transport Carrier Directory.  Shippers can also create their own public or private freight bid board that requires direct freight quotes and bids before load or shipment tender to a transport carrier.   

Shippers can also tailor and manage their own freight tendering and document exchange system.  Shippers can publish, prepare, confirm, create, upload, download, sign or send any freight transportation document as a public or private document.  Links to company web sites can be created into documents for quick cross references. 

Using the sites search engine shippers can also search the entire transport carrier directory listing for equipment capacity availabilities.  

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