About Freight Documents and Forms

Create, prepare and exchange any freight documents and forms between shippers and transport carriers instantly Shippers and transport carriers can create, upload and download, exchange, or prepare on line virtually any type of freight documents that may be required for a freight transaction.  Documents such as load and shipment tenders, load confirmations, bills of lading, a Broker/Carrier Agreement or any other freight document.  Documents requiring a signature can be signed electronically with a supporting signature verification affidavit that can be e-mailed by the  signing parties to the agreement.

Virtually any scanned document such as load tenders, bills of ladings,  a driver application form, an ACORD insurance form, Certificate of Authority or any other freight document created and saved from Microsoft's Office Suite of Products (Word, Excel, Publisher, Picture, Logo etc.) can be uploaded to a shipper or transport carrier directory site for viewing, signing or exchange as either a public or secure document.

How are documents secured from public viewing?

You can choose to make the uploaded document public or secured. If the document is made secure you will need to communicate your Motor Carrier number and a password to the person accessing your secured doucument(s). With your subscription to the service you are listed on the National Transport Carriers Directory. On your directory page you have available two have two pages available. Your public home page accessible to anybody viewing from the internet and your private or administration page where you can create and manage your documents.

What are the benefits to using on line freight documents and Forms?

Following are some of the benefits while using E-Documents and Services:

  • It takes minutes to create and complete agreements for e-signature eliminating fax and phone time and costs.
  • It takes minutes to upload and create documents for public or secure viewing.
  • All documents can be instantly saved to a computer file folder eliminating filing time and paper documents.
  • Documents can be retrieved quickly from computer file folders using Microsoft's standard searching tools.
  • You never have to leave your desk to consumate business transactions or provide forms to the transacting parties.

How can I sign up for E-Documents and Services?

If you qualify as an asset based transport carrier or own or control a related non-asset based carrier and subscribe to an annual membership of the National Network of Transport Carriers the service is provided with your annual membership fee. You can start by signing up for a trial version and then convert to the full version after membership acceptance here. See how E-Documents and Services work by clicking on the Sample Company found on the first listing under Alabama here.