TransportCost.Net - “When the Rubber Hits the Road in 2012”

“When the Rubber Hits the Road in 2012” returns transport carriers to a new and improved system of managerial cost accounts that calculates the transport margins available for owners and managers to know when they reach a breakeven revenue point and are “in the money”…daily, monthly and yearly.

This system of cost accounts is easy to setup and works !!

By using our system of costs accounts, coupled with current accurate and complete income statements on a per mile basis, you’ll be on your way to growing your business and reaching a solid return on your investment. Key financial information provided include:

  • How to use just four key cost segments to know your full cost of transportation
  • How to record and accumulate over-the-road costs to yield transport margin dollars
  • How to generate sufficient transport margins dollars to generate targeted profits
  • How to calculate and improve empty mile costs and much more

Jerry Noonan, former fleet owner, CPA, and author of “When the Rubber Hits the Road in 2012” specializes in helping small to mid-sized transport carriers with proven software solutions, accounting, quick cash flow services and web tools offering options that can maximize current profits and improve future financial performance.

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